We All Start as Beginners

I hear a lot of students say things like “I wish i could play like this guy”. Or, “I wish I had his talent”. And while I understand how they feel, and sometimes i feel that way too, it is important to remember, everyone starts as a beginner.

How did your musical idols get to be where they are? They started. And they started just the way you and I do, as total beginners. Not knowing the names of notes, how to play the instrument, not understanding rhythm, or anything else.

When I started playing guitar, I couldn’t make a single note sound good. I had no rhythm, and struggled a ton. I started piano lessons, and the same thing happened. I started drum lessons, and the same thing happened. But, I put time into it. I made lots of mistakes, and grew. And year after year, eventually got to the place I am now, which allows me to play music easily that would have been impossible when I started. And I am still learning daily. I practice daily.

Don’t get frustrated when you begin music lessons. Look at every mistake as a good thing. Yes I said that. It is a good thing. The only way to avoid making mistakes is not to begin. And that is the only real failure.

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